PA of the Year

Each year, the AKAPA Board of Directors recognizes the outstanding services of an Alaska-based Physician Assistant with the PA of the Year award. This prestigious award is presented during the annual AKAPA membership meeting from nominations received prior to September 15. 

The AKAPA Board of Directors is looking for nominations of Alaskan PAs who are exemplary in their work as a physician assistant. Nominations will be accepted year round. 

Please nominate a PA you know who fits some of the following criteria:

  • A PA with an outstanding accomplishment
  • A PA involved in local, state or national activities that further the PA profession
  • And/or a PA involved in community service.

Nominees must be AKAPA members and not be a current AKAPA board member. The winner will be selected by the AKAPA Board of Directors, and announced at the annual membership meeting. 

Past Recipients

2016: Terri Bramel, PA-C, Anchorage, AK
2015: Patricia Hensch, PA-C, Anchorage, AK
2014: Pam Engle, PA-C, Anchorage, AK
2013: Ashley Marquardt, PA-C, Anchorage, AK
2012: Robert Thomas, PA-C, Anchorage, AK
2011: Jim Wojciehowski, PA-C, Anchorage, AK
2010: John Winklmann, PA-C, Anchorage, AK
2009:Wendy Hladick, PA-C, Unalaska, AK
2008: Steve Gage, PA-C, Sitka, AK
2007: Edward Hall, PA-C, Anchorage, AK

Nomination Form

Please download this form and return it before September 15 for consideration for PA of the Year. 

PA of the Year Award.pdf

2016 PA of the Year

Terri Bramel, PA-C is the 2016 PA of the Year!

From  What is number one trait employers look for in a PA?  It said “grit”. Grit is defined as: “perseverance and passion for long-term goals.” Anyone working in HIV, especially in Alaska, knows that you have to have a strong attention to detail, have compassion, be a team player, good at problem solving, be adaptable, and hard work is needed to harness and tame the spread of HIV disease. 

Terri Bramel, PA-C is the Alaska Physician Assistant of the Year because Terri is the top-of-the-top PAs in our state when it comes to HIV care, education and advocacy.  HIV-related medical complexity and stigma is well known. Terri is compassionate and medically excellent in practice of HIV care. Terri has developed curriculum after curriculum targeting all providers and also found time to support HIV care work groups at all levels for 13 years. And not just care, but Terri has championed HIV prevention in our state.  Terri has been on the faculty of the NW AIDS and Education Training Center since 2002.  Terri has enlightened many providers on how to solve barriers for the care of an incredibly diverse cohort of HIV patients across the state of Alaska. 

Terri has helped providers break down barriers and carefully and compassionately urged for more testing, better testing measures and more understanding of a very complex disease and done that with patience and humor and compassion, reaching out to all levels of providers, from Physicians to all levels. 

Terri started work with the HIV clinical team at the Alaska Native Medical Center in 2002 and continues to present. Terri was nominated by long time friend and colleague, Joe Cantil. 

Terri in statewide and national arenas

  • National AETC Resource Center Rural Health Committee 2014-16
  • National AETC HIV Testing Collaborative 2008-2015
  • Medical Advisory Council for the National Native American AIDS Prevention Center
  • HRSA National Region 9/10 Committee for HIV
  • The CHAM (Community Health Aide Manual) review committee
  • a presenter at the US Conference on AIDS Sept 10, 2015.  
  • National Minority AETC NNHAAD Symposium 3/20/2010
  • State of AK HIV/STI prevention committee and workgroup
  • Member Federal Interagency Health Disparities Advisory Workgroup for Office of AIDS Policy
  • Alaska Integrated HIV Advisory Group (AIHAG) - Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Work Group
  • Alaska delegate “2015 HIV Linkage to Care Summit, Native Communities Convening” by the Capacity for Health, Oakland, CA.  03/16-03/17/2015.

Accomplishments and certifications

  • American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM) certified
  • Terri’s trainings and education focus on disease process, disease presentation, pharmacology, and psychosocial issues
  • Training on HIV to the UAA WAMI PA program
  • Developed the first Community Health Aide HIV curriculum in the country
  • Terri is a resource not only for providers at ANMC on HIV but statewide Terri assists other PAs, NPs MDs, etc provide care for patients with HIV.

What peers say about Terri

“Terri is very knowledgeable, compassionate & non-judgmental.” 

“Developed a strong relationship built on trust with our pts, many which are homeless and/or mentally ill.”

“…stellar insight, timeliness, thoughtful consideration and attention to detail.  She commands outstanding knowledge of HIV epidemiology in Alaska and while performing at such a high level maintains an even and pleasant demeanor.  We highly recommend she be rewarded for her continuing excellent service.”

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