• 21 Dec 2015 9:23 AM | Jenny Thomasson (Administrator)
    Great article in support of PAs and NPs- also addressing when to see a doc and when to see a PA or NP. Great practical info for inquiring patients.

    Let’s say you hurt your knee doing your best Tom Brady impression playing flag football.

    It hurts like the dickens and you’re not sure if you tore something or just have a really bad case of tendonitis. You go to your local urgent care clinic, or doctor’s office, and you’re seen by a physician assistant  (PA), who examines you, says everything is structurally intact, and you should use ice, elevate your leg and take some ibuprofen for the pain.

    What the PA said makes sense, but shouldn’t you see — you know — the doctor?

    Read the complete article here:

  • 14 Oct 2015 1:25 PM | Jenny Thomasson (Administrator)

    According to Glassdoor, being a physician assistant is the best job in America right now!

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  • 02 Sep 2015 11:49 AM | Jenny Thomasson (Administrator)

    The schedule for the 2015 All-Alaska Medical Conference is posted! Click here for conference details and information on registration and hotel reservations!

    We will be applying for 16 credits with up to 18 when you register for optional workshops!

    We look forward to seeing you there! 

  • 17 Jun 2015 1:49 PM | Jenny Thomasson (Administrator)

    Casey Schanz, PA-C and Sarah Bigelow, PA-C attended the AAPA House of Delegates meeting May 23 – 25 in San Francisco. Here is the 2015 House of Delegates Report which includes topics of interest. For a full report click the link below or go to the AAPA website at

    Group A:

    Group B:  Has not yet been submitted.

    Group C:

    2015-A-04:  HOD passed

    HOD voted for changing the wording to Chief Executive Officer from Executive Vice President.  Also Chief Executive Officer shall be under the direction and supervision of the board of directors...

    This was changed to be more consistent with industry standards for non-profits in regards to the interactions between the BOD and the CEO.

    2015-A-08(a):  HOD passed

    A PA must be a Fellow Member for three years in order to be a candidate for elected positions other than the Student Director or Nominating Work Group. This helps ensure the continued desire to serve fellow PA's but does not limit the experience to be within the last five years.

    2015-A-13: Was rejected.

    The body felt retired PA's still can be a fellow member and retain all privileges as a fellow if they want. Retired PA's are entitled to the floor and can vote for academy officers and directors with some exceptions.

    2015-B-01:  HOD passed

    Wording has been changed  to be more consistent with AAPA wording. The word "supervision" is not accurate with what we do. Current wording is more in line with PA's practice medicine. We practice medicine and in many cases we are the lead of a healthcare team.

    2015-B-10: HOD rejected

    It was proposed to allow the name of Physician Assistant or Physician Associate. This has been rejected multiple times over the past years. It would be very costly and require many bills to be opened again and this can lead to many unintended complications. Although the word Assistant can be thought of as derogatory and is not in line with what we do this policy was rejected. It was discussed that the AAPA already has been emphasizing using PA more instead of Physician Assistant. We should be referring to ourselves as PA's and not an assistant.

    2015-B-11:  HOD rejected

    Recertification is now every 10 years and there is "grandfathering in". The HOD did not agree with once you pass the boards twice that it was no longer necessary to take the boards again.

    2015-B-12: HOD rejected

    It was proposed schools who offer more than 120 credits may offer a doctorate degree. It was thought that this would increase tuition and is unnecessary. The increase of credits does not necessarily mean a higher or better education.

    2015-B-20: HOD passed

    AAPA opposes entry level doctorate degrees. AAPA is in support of entry level master degrees.

    2015-B-21: HOD rejected

    Proposed the AAPA discourage specialty exams. This was rejected as there are already policies with the AAPA  that opposes the CAQ's and this policy would be redundant.

    2015-C-05-Advcom:  HOD passed

    AAPA supports various policies to support PA's to work in the primary care setting.

    It was also mentioned that PA's should be referred to as PA's and not mid-level providers. Do you prescribe a mid-level antibiotic or a mid-level hypertensive medication? Do you provide mid-level care or is it the same healthcare standards other healthcare providers are expected to provide? We are PA's and not mid-level providers.

    There were many more policies debated; some passed and some rejected. These policies in whole with the rationale of the policy and testimonies of both Pro and Con for the policies can be found by clicking the links or by going to the AAPA website.

  • 02 Apr 2015 7:54 AM | Jenny Thomasson (Administrator)

    According to US News and World Report newly graduated PAs are entering into a healthy job market. 

    Read more here. 

  • 02 Mar 2015 12:11 PM | Jenny Thomasson (Administrator)

    There is unprecedented demand for PAs as insurance payment and the Affordable Care Act encourage a team-based approach to managing the care of patient populations.

    A snapshot of this trend can be seen in a new report by The Medicus Firm, a national physician recruiter, which said PAs rose to No. 5 among its top 10 most frequently placed medical care providers in 2014, outstripping several categories of medical physicians. Primary care doctors physicians to hold the top three spots with family physicians at No. 1, followed by hospitalist physicians and internists at No. 3.

    Click here to read full article. 

  • 13 Feb 2015 10:18 AM | Jenny Thomasson (Administrator)

    Take the Short PA Salary SurveyThe AAPA Salary Survey 2015 is now open – and it takes just 10 minutes! Your responses will help gather the most comprehensive PA salary data to be included in the AAPA annual report for PAs and employers.Click here to start the survey!

  • 13 Feb 2015 9:47 AM | Jenny Thomasson (Administrator)
    The Anchorage Journal Club sponsored by Alaska Spine Institute on Jan 12, 2015 had a record 27 attendees! A huge thanks to Kim Black and Dr. Jared Kirkham with Alaska Spine Institute and to Sarah Bigelow for pulling off a great event! For a complete list of upcoming events and to view pictures of past events click here

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